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Stephanie Testa  - Founder and Owner  340 RYT- 200 ERYT  

Stephanie Testa was raised in Long Island, NY and lived most recently in Louisville, KY before moving to Cocoa Beach in 2013.  She holds a B.S. degree in Health Science, a M.A. degree in Healthcare Leadership and has over twenty years of professional experience in the medical and education fields. She has served as the Director of Surgical Technology for two universities in the last 7 years.

Her graduate research in healthy living integrated  the practice of yoga for healthcare workers, which inspired her passion for yoga many years ago as she saw how it could help health care workers find balance in their lives.

Stephanie is 340 hours RYT and  200 ERYT certified in Warm Vinyasa  by Betsy’s  Hot Yoga studio in Louisville, KY  and Power Yoga by Bryan Kest. Her passion began in 1998  under Betsy Jones Hot Yoga Louisville.  As her yoga practice grew, her passion for healthy living and a balanced life grew as well, which lead her to the study of Ayurvedic medicine. Stephanie recently earned her Certification of 1500 hours as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultant and Practitioner from the International University of  Yoga and Ayurveda .

The Integration of Yoga with Ayurvedic Medicine is a union of mind, body and soul.  Stephanie’s mission   to help people live a balanced life inspired her to open Infinity Yoga and Wellness. 

Yumi Ishizuka  200 hrs Bikram certified 

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Yumi Ishizuka is originally from Japan.  She was certified in the Bikram Method of Yoga in 2006. Yumi taught in Japan for two years before moving to Florida in 2009. Before joining Infinity Yoga and Wellness, Yumi taught the Bikram Method of Yoga at several studios in Central Florida and Miami.

“Practicing yoga gives me awareness of my body and mind. It also gives me strength, flexibility, and balance, which also helps with surfing, which I started since I moved to Cocoa Beach. I am honored to be able to share the experience and knowledge I have gained from many teachers and students. Have no judgment or expectation to yourself and always have your mind open. Enjoy every moment.”

Martha Carlson  240 RYT- 200 ERYT

Martha has been practicing yoga for the 13 years. Coming to Yoga after the birth of her first child as a way to begin moving again, she soon realized that the practice of yoga did more than just exercise the body. It was Yoga that found her and the love affair began. She received her teaching certification in 2013 through Devanadi School of Yoga and Wellness in Minneapolis, MN, merging the sacred rivers of Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra and Energy Medicine. Martha believes that “every body is a Yoga body”, she strives to meet everyone where they are on their own mat and in their own practice. Born and raised in Minnesota, with some time spent living and traveling abroad, she moved to Cocoa Beach in July 2015 and is happily adjusting to life at the beach! 


Kimberely Chase 268 RYT- 200 ERYT

Kimmi Chase joins her new yoga family at Infinity Yoga and Wellness
after moving back “home” to Brevard County after 18 years in Orlando. Her educational background is focused in Computer and Information Sciences, Mathematics, and International Business.  Kimmi has earned aBS from Florida State University and an MBA from the University ofMiami.  She has been working in the global high tech enterprise software industry since 2002.  After long days in front of a computer screen, it became clear she needed to find balance.  At the
encouragement of her husband, Abre, she tried her first yoga class in
2011 at Guruv Yoga in Lake Mary, FL.  Here, she fell in love with yoga
and has been practicing ever since.  Because yoga had such a profound impact on her mind and body, she was anxious to expand her knowledge of yoga.  She applied to a 268 hour yoga teacher training with Tymi Howard where she earned her E-YRT 200.  Kimmi’s yoga journey has been life changing.  In 2016, she underwent a double mastectomy and believes her quick recovery was in part due to her dedication to the healthy lifestyle yoga encourages.  She has had the privilege of being taught by many teachers including Steve Ross, Ross Rayburn, Taylor Harkness, and of course her mentor Tymi Howard.  She has been teaching yoga since 2013 and has loved every class.  In addition, Kimmi is a lover of music, science, nature, silliness, and her amazing family – and sometimes she's a lover of running.  She is very excited to be a part of the wonderful yoga community in Cocoa Beach.

Courtenay Porter   400 RYT hours

Trained in Vinyasa Flow with Julia McCabe, Courtenay brings her sense of irreverent fun to her classes. A lover of movement, she often weaves other fitness and mobility techniques into her sequencing in order to encourage optimal health for her students. Whether a student is beginner or advanced, one can expect to experience a class full of challenges, inspiration, and lots and lots of bad jokes.

If you want to learn more about Courtenay, why she is the best teacher for you and what makes her tick, join her at class or cyber stalk her here,, first.

Michele Obryne 200 RYT



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Stephanie Zuaro  200 RYT 

Stephanie Zuaro has over 15 years of experience in yoga as a student . Initially, she began doing yoga as a way to relieve stress and combat an auto-immune disease. Experiencing the benefits of yoga for herself, Stephanie became a certified hot hatha yoga teacher in 2003, completing over 200 hours in the Barkan Method.  She has studied under Sri Dharma Mittra, Bikram Choudhury, Rajashree Choudhury and David Life. Most recently she completed 40 hours of intensive training in Power Yoga with Bryan Kest.  Not only is she interested in the outer forms of yoga, but in the inner revolution that yoga can offer. Throughout her professional life, Stephanie's focus has been on helping people to improve their lives.  She holds a B.S. degree in Home Economics and a M.S. degree in Health Education.  A Brevard resident since 1997, mostly living here in Cocoa Beach, Stephanie is excited to join Infinity Yoga and Wellness where she can work with new and experienced yoga students on their journey to experience the many benefits yoga has to offer. 

Stephanie Sisler    Certified children yoga teacher

Stephanie is a certified classroom teacher and children's book author. She holds a MA in education and a BA in interrelated special / exceptional education. She is certified through Yoga Calm's acclaimed Youth Instructor Certification Program.